Do = C Song and lyric: Riko

It’s because the sparkle
In your eyes
That I think of you
Days and nights

It’s because the smile
On your lips
That I think of you
Always by my side

It’s because the touch
Of your skin
That I can’t get you
Out of my mind
But most of all I love you
And it’s because you are you

I love you because you are my lovely Lia
You’re the God-sent-angel by my side
Who loves me thru and thru
I love you because of who you are to me
And when forever is thru’
I’d spend the end with you
Saying I love you.



One Response to Hubby

  1. Feli says:

    So swwiiiiiitttttttt………
    Sip. Retret taun depan nyanyi lagu ini untuk hiburan malam hari ya……

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