Counting My Blessings Series

I start this new page as a part of my self healing.

We don’t realize that blessings come from something that we can’t see… for me, myself, I force my self to do this ritual every time I have a time alone. Everywhere I go, where ever I am, whoever I talk to, and even… when I don’t feel want to count my blessings, I push my self to do it. God works miraculously through these counting, and I want to invite all of you to try to do it.

Let me start my counting:


1. My both parents who love me so much and give whatever they can and they have to love me. For them what is importance is my happiness. I am thankful they accompany me until I passed my 4th decades of life. Hey… that’s really a blessing!

dad mom me at disneyland
dad mom me at disneyland








2. My lil brother who always be my lil brother till the end of time, eventough he is bigger than me, and now he is a husband and a dad for his queen and princes of his life. Without him, I never a a sister! ~ and then came my sister in law in my life. Finally the family become bigger and bigger. Esp. when a beautiful nice complete my life. Thanks be to God.

Our childhood ~ Vacation to Padang
Our childhood ~ Vacation to Padang
My brother’s queen: Ines and my brother’s lil princess: Indi








3. A hugeeee blessings after God and my parents gave a change to live is my forever love, my hubby. I wonder could I come this far, even could I come to the understanding of counting my blessing if not because the grace of the Lord and his love for me. When God made you, He must be thinking about me.

This is how we love each other ... :-)
This is how we love each other … 🙂

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