About Me

Life is Full of Suprises

I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life.

A wife, a housewife, a daughter (and a daughter in law), a sister, a medical doctor, a friend, and of course… the daughter of the Most Almighty God.

These are the stories of my extraordinary life: a life full of His mercy and grace, a life full of surprises!

Terlahir sebagai seorang brasali, 30 tahun kemudian diberkati dengan nama baru… given by my ‘Italiano’ hubby… Ariefano… 🙂
Elizabeth adalah nama lahirku… (given by my mom and dad), beserta lia sebagai nama panggilanku (berasal dari kata ‘mulia’).
Elizabeth artinya: “Allah bersumpah memenuhi janjiNya”… dan Ia membuktikan janjiNya kepadaku… satu per satu! dan masih banyak di depan sana yang aku percaya menunggu untuk dipenuhi.
Semua yang baik, semua yang indah, dan semua yang mulia… pasti terjadi dalam kehidupanku. Semua hanya karena kasih dan belas kasihanNya dalam hidupku.
Setiap hari adalah hari baru yang penuh dengan kejutan… and…

This is my story of life…


I promise, from this day forward
To accept myself…unconditionally
To love and cherish my existence
To always show myself respect
To stop pulling myself down
To give myself the credit I deserve.

To be my own best friend to someone I can
To open my eyes to thee beautiful promise in me
To utilize my God given talent
To build security and make a positive contribution to the world.

Because only if I love myself, can I truly love
Only if I respect myself, can I respect
Only if I open the special ness in me, can I genuinely appreciate the uniqueness in others.

Only if I cherish, can I become
The person I was meant to be

“I am a woman in process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. Life is never dull.”


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