Cinderella’s Mom and My Mom: I think They Are BFF


“Have courage and be kind.” (Cinderella’s Mom)
“Jangan takut kalau kita benar, tetapi musti tetap ingat kasih Tuhan.” (my mom)
Years ago, when I was a little girl, someone gave the same message like what Cinderella’s Mom said. It was not the exact word, but it had same deep meaning. That someone was my mom. She always teaches me to a woman with courage, stand for what its right, do what its right, but always have a kind heart full of forgiveness, and hope on other people, situation, but especially on myself.
“I believe in everything,” (Cinderella’s Mom)
“Percaya hanya kepada Tuhan, maka semua yang kau pegang akan berhasil” (my mom)
I remember one day, I came home from school on my elementary years. I was crying that day because I failed one exam, and then I told my mom that I couldn’t do it, it’s too difficult… I remember she said this: “Believe in God in all you do. When you put all your trust in God, you can believe in everything. Study hard, work hard. Don’t loose hope because when you put your trust in God… you will see all that He will make your path straight.
“Just because it’s done, doesn’t mean it should be done.” (Cinderella)
“Being a woman, a wife, a mother, even an MD, it is not and never be a carrier. It always be a calling and expect to find a hard time to live your calling. But don’t worry, God be with you. Our actions are everything. Make them kind actions, and we will change the world.” (my mom)
I remember the day I decided to enter the medical school – my mom said… “If you want to be a medical doctor for your wealth and richness, you better cancel your decision now. Because medical doctor is not for become rich in term of money and name, it is a calling.”
I think my mom and Cinderella’s mom are BFF 🙂
They taught me and Cinderella almost the same thing 🙂
She teaches me how to be a kind, strong, full of hope, courage, sensitive to other’s needs. Most of all she shows me her love and faith to God and it is a living testimony of her life that I live now.
I am not Cinderella even though I married a Prince Charming too… (*wink* to hubby)
I am my mom’s (and dad’s) daughter.
I live their legacy.
If there is something good in me it must be because God love me soooo much so He gave me my mom, my dad, my brother, my husband, and my community that I can learn so much to be a better woman every day.
It’s a compliment to Mother Mary too because She is the source of example for us all as a woman, wife, and mother.
It’s my love to my dad – because his love to my mom, without my dad’s love, my mom would never be like she is now.
It’s my huge appreciation to my mother in law… Her love, her strength, her faithfulness, her never ending prayers for my husband (and me) make my husband be the man who know how to love God, love his wife, and being an inspiration to many people.
It’s a group hug for all mothers out there… Cordisian’s mom, and all my BFF out there… Like Cinderella’s Mom said: “Magic, believe in magic.” … yes let’s make magic through our faith in God and together we will see the magic God will shows us 🙂
lia mom explorenow15
This to the one and only Mom I have…
Forever I will live your legacy as a mom, and forever I will celebrate life you (and dad) gave me.
Now other words can describe how lucky I am to be your daughter.
My prayers always be with you.
I love you Mama…
Indonesian Mother’s Day, 3 days before Christmas 2015.