When God Spoke to Me… Quechua Way

One Quechua woman (W) approached me (L) after she had a pap test.
This is the conversation that we had in Spanish English, thanks to Pauline who did the translation for us:
W: Where are you came from.?
L: Indonesia.
W: How’s the condition in Indonesia? Does women have a lot of children the village?
L: yes…. (I was so surprise she know where Indonesia is…)
W: How many children do you have?
L: None yet.
W: Why? You use contraception?
I paused… I feel like this lady is going too far. Even Paulina my friend who translated it thinks that that was too personal. But I decided to answer it anyway.
L: Nope, I want to have kids and my husband and I willing to have as many children as God gives us. It is just no the time yet…
1267621_10152844429463545_439408950125387078_oThis time it is her turn pause from the conversation and then she said and hold my hands:
W: whatever happen I know God loves you. I’ll pray for you.
….and then she hugs me tight
L: Amen. Muchas gracias Mamasita!
This conversation was the highlight of my day or maybe highlight of my trip this time.
God wants to say something personal that sometime we won’t let Him to say it because it doesn’t looks and sounds good. How I am so blessed knowing that thousand miles away somebody pray for me. How great is my God!

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About whittulipe

A woman, happy wife, daughter, sister, friend, medical doctor who have a passion to proclaim hope that radiates from the gift of life through writings, medical science & living the true calling of womanhood. Brasali is my surname. Ariefano is given name from my hubby. whittulipe is my nick name on virtual world. You can call me: l i a. I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life. I am a woman in process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. Life is never dull. I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. Happiness keeps me sweet. Trials keep me strong. Sorrows keep me human. Failures keep me humble. And the best of my life I have God that keeps me going! My life mission: Mewartakan pengharapan yang memancar dari anugrah kehidupan melalui tulisan, ilmu kedokteran, dan penghayatan hidup sebagai perempuan. My value in life: hope, courage, aunthenticity, generosity. So help me God!
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