REWRITE: The Next Destination: Tuscany, Italy!

Visualized it already… 🙂
Tuscany with my hubby…
Pertama kali nulis ini 30 Mei 2009, dan ngga pernah berhenti visualizing this sejak itu!


I am so crazy about this!

Apalagi kmrn

lunch bareng sama Octa yang bakal walk my dream to Tuscany! Whooooaaaa….

Kemarin setelah nonton Letters to Juliet, tambah parah pengennya.
Miss the smell of winter and the lavender on spring.
Miss the weather…
Miss the jacket, syal, gloves, long jacket, sweater, and everything about autumn and winter clothes.
Miss the stone from the street
Miss the coffee shop
Miss the classical music around the corner of the traditional market
Miss the flower
Miss waiting for bus and train
Miss watching master and dog walkin’ at the street
Miss the sausage and cheese
Miss the wine
Miss the top of snowy mountain
Miss watching concert
Miss watching pollen fly and made my eyes red
Miss the ‘liliput’ home style
Miss the bridges and the river
Miss the smell of mahogany and forest grass!

Gosshhhh I miss everything from my home land 😦


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