Bad Habits Of Husbands, Which Drive Their Wife Crazy…

Artikel di bawah ini lucu juga… biarpun kl di baca-baca… di kasus pernikahan gw, ada beberapa (atau banyak, atau bahkan 90%nya nih ckckckckc) yang justru My Bad Habits yang Drive My Hubby Crazy hahaha..
Buat intermezo aja…

Read some of the fascinating facts where husband’s sense of hygiene and his habits are highly deplorable and the outcome is irritation. How can husbands become disciplined in this matter?

1. Some wife’s either can’t stand or hate when husbands dig their nose and for some husbands, picking their nose in public places is a large problem.

2. Some husbands have the habit of leaving their moustache trimmings all over their wife’s dressing table.

3. Some husbands wear dirty clothes; rarely showers but downpours a good amount of perfume to replace his unpleasant aroma. In addition, few husbands never hang their clothing carefully in wardrobes or take care in not to wrinkle or mess up the clothing of other members of the family.

4. Some husbands sneeze without covering their mouth. The racket sound along with their sneeze is even more embarrassing for some wife’s.

5. The first thing that some husbands accomplish in the morning is monopolizing the newspaper. Plus, they demand or at least expect tea or coffee in their cups or flask.

6. Men and stinking socks are inseparables, which is one of the most irritating habits. Many husbands throw dirty socks under the bed or roll them in their shoes.

7. Some husbands mess a perfectly clean room, which was arranged or well organized by their wife.

8. Some husbands leave the bathroom and toilet in a mess or in a most horrible state.

9. Some husbands walk all over the house in wet slippers, thereby creating dangerous wet spots for wife’s to slip over.

10. Some husbands throw wet towels on bed and some place their unclean ear buds wherever convenient.

11. Some husbands forget their wife’s birthday, anniversaries, list of groceries, their own Tel No, wallets, dinner dates. However, they don’t forget their friends, bosses and secretaries birthdays especially the female secretaries.

12. Most husbands are absent-minded. One husband dropped his wife at one theatre and then he waited endlessly at another 2 km away from the theatre.

13. Most husbands are extremely negligent. They misplace their glasses, keys and most important of all, T.V Remote.

14. Some husbands sip a soft drink awkwardly through the straw. The way they suck is as if they are fitted with some 1000 watt vacuum pump in inside of their mouth.

15. Some husbands have styles of eating. Even morsel that goes into his mouth is eaten with a crackling sound and lips wide open. The moment she looks at him, he stops, only to return again.

16. Most husbands have a one-word solution to any or every problem: “LATER”

17. Some husbands roam in house with their underpants and others walk around the house with a towel wrapped around their waist. Some aren’t ashamed of their BEAR body.

18. Some husbands never close the drawers or wardrobes, when they look for a pair of clean socks or a neat shirt. The wife must follow them around and continually shut the drawers and wardrobes.

19. Some husbands never replace the cap on the toothpaste tube. Some do not shut the tap tightly and it leads to irritating drip and waste of water.

20. Some husbands never carefully remove and replace the items in the fridge. They never rinse the cup, serving dishes, plate or soiled knife but nicely leave them in the kitchen basin and his actions are same even during the absence of domestic help.

21. Some husbands either never place their soiled clothes in the basket or lazy to put them but drop wherever he wishes to and the wife has to be at the back to pick and dispose it.

22. Some husbands never care to clean the ashtrays but promptly fill the ashtrays with ashes, leaving their wife’s to clean them.

23. Most husbands never switch off the lights while leaving the room. They do the same with some electronic goods.

24. Some husbands never close the door gently but slam them roughly. Rough hands!

25. Other unusual habit, which is worth to mention,
a. Some husbands comb their bald head.
b. Shaking their feet while eating, talking and sitting.
c. Scratching on walls while in the telephone.
d. Not buttoning his shirt right to the top or bottom.

A habit is a bad thing that sticks to you like a leech.
Even if the H is taken out, “a bit” remains.
Even if the A is taken out, “bit” remains.
Even if the B is taken out, “it” remains.

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